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Demand for Swedish Oatly leads to product shortage in the UK. The Oatly products, particularly the popular iKaffe, seem to appeal to British tea-drinkers. Read about the rush that leaves supermarket shelves totally depleted, in Scandinavian Business.


Oatly is conquering the coffee shops in USA! In just a year, Oatly has spread from ten locations in New York to more than 1,000 locations nationwide. Read all about it in New York Times.


CropTailor cracks the genetic code of oat! The Swedish biotech company CropTailor has, as the world first, mapped the entire oat genome. This breakthrough research will contribute to more healthy and sustainable oat varieties. Lantmännen, with world-class oat R&D, is majority owner of CropTailor. Read more here.

Exciting health claims for oat!
Today, the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) starts a campaign to inform about the health benefits of eating oats. You can see the first 1:20 min long movie here (in Swedish).


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14 Nov 2018

"Oat for a sustainable agriculture". It is time for ScanOats 2nd workshop, focusing on various aspects of sustainable agriculture and the potential contributions of oat. Come to SLU in Alnarp and listen to ScanOats partners, other researchers and breeders discuss these important issues. Read more about it here.


2 May 2018

"From idea to market - Turning those brilliant research ideas into commercial products". It is time for ScanOats 1st workshop, focusing on entrepreneurship and the innovation process. Come to Ideon in Lund and listen to ScanOats partners, other oat entrepreneurs and IP experts discuss the opportunities and challenges of taking research ideas all the way to commercial application. Register before 23 April! Read more about it here.


You can read about past events here.